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Image compression is a process that reduces the image size of JPG, BMP, SVG, and various other file formats. But why do we need to compress images in the first place? Well, this is particularly helpful when you upload images online or send across via email or WhatsApp. These mediums have file size restrictions, which do not allow you to send larger files.

Our article focuses on the needs of marketers who need image compression for their businesses. So, if you own an online business or store, read on as the article unveils the ways you can improve your online web store’s performance. 

What Is Image Compression?

Image compression is a process/method whereby you reduce an image’s size without reducing its quality. There are many image compressor tools specifically designed to reduce image size. You just have to upload the photos you wish to compress and let the software do the job for you.

Why Do Online Business Owners Need Image Compressor Tools?


The photos you find on web stores and the one taken from a professional DSLR camera look the same. Well, the truth is the pictures you find on online stores are compressed photos, but their quality looks top notch. The reason is website owners use image compressor tools to reduce image size as it has a significant impact on the performance of your page.

You might be wondering how an image can affect the website’s performance. Well, the answer is simple – the website’s loading speed. On average, an image takes up around 64% of the data on websites. Ecommerce websites that have tons of product images are among the most intensive. In today’s era, impatient customers will not wait for minutes for photos to load, no matter how beautiful they are, and would eventually leave your website.

According to a recent study, users wait up to five seconds for sites to display their images and text before they get fed up and leave. Yes, exactly, you have 5 seconds to convince your customer before you lose them.

If you want an ultra-fast website that generates more sales, it is highly essential to optimize your page’s images. The simple solution to this problem is compression. With an image compressor, you can greatly improve the page’s load time, which eventually results in more sales conversion.

For a website owner, speed matters, and so does the quality of uploaded images. You cannot tarnish your brand’s image by uploading low-quality pictures to improve the website’s speed. So, you can see that both image quality and the site’s load time go hand in hand.

Top Free Image Compressor Tools in The Market

You will come across many image compressor tools in the market. Adobe Photoshop is one such software that effectively optimizes images. But, depending on your budget, these tools can be heavy on your pocket, and instead, you should opt for free image compressor tools that work almost the same as the paid ones.


Upon listening to the website’s name, you must wonder how a duplicate text checker compresses the image. Well, DupliChecker is a renowned name in the SEO world and focuses on providing quality SEO related tools. Since this website provides a complete range of SEO tools, even it has an image compressor to reduce image size without compromising the quality of that image as it improves a website’s performance.

With DupliChecker, you get the feature to change the quality of the image. The tool has compressing parameters. Furthermore, you can opt for a compression type to be either normal or progressive, depending on your needs. DupliChecker allows the conversion of various file formats like JPEG, JPG, and PNG.

JPEG Optimizer

JPEG Optimizer works brilliantly with photo compressions. However, this simple tool is only designed for JPEG files and will not accept any other file format. You can resize and optimize your images by selecting your own optimization level. The software also allows you to control the quality of your optimized image. So, preserve your image’s quality and head your way to JPEG Optimizer.


With Optimizilla, you can generate JPEG and PNG files with great quality. Optimizilla features a slider, which a user can use to view before and after versions of the photo. In this way, you can always preview the quality of your image before you actually download it. Also, with the slider, you will know how much you want to optimize your image before the quality loss is noticeable.


An image compressor is a game-changer for a website owner, and all online marketers should have these tools by their side. You will find various other tools in the market, and you may test those as well before you decide to use them for image compression.


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