Ben Affleck Jokes About Returning As Batman Someday.


Hollywood A-lister Ben Affleck can’t get away with just answering questions about a Batman film that never was. Despite a recent opening about personal reasons that led to him leaving the role for someone else, Affleck is still being asked if he will return to the role in the future.

Enthusiasts were well-liked as Batman by Ben Affleck, the actor proved his ability as a director with films like The Town and Argo and the character in DC’s Batman v Superman Faith, Justice and Justice League Explanation there was one.


The Solo Batman film, which was working on Affleck, came at a very difficult time for the actor and eventually killed whatever passion he had for the project. Thankfully, instead of just getting on with it, he moved on quite a bit and didn’t let anyone else take him.

Affleck has already shown his support for Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman and actor Robert Pattinson, who will play the role of Dark Knight.

In addition to his return as a character after Justice League. This did not happen and he has talked about the personal demons he has gone through.

The biggest difference between Pattinson’s upcoming Batman and Affleck is the age difference. Where Pattinson’s Capped Crusaders would only be in their second year of crime-fighting, Affleck was a much older, experienced and more world-weary Batman.

With this in mind, Affleck was asked if he would consider the return of the Cape and Cowl in 20 years.

Also, there is not a single Bruce Wayne with Walker who wanted to see distant fan Batman on a live-action path to the world. Perhaps Affleck will return as the aged Bruce Wayne again.