Ben Affleck has been dating Katie Cherry?


It has come under notice that the Batman actor is dating or has any kind of link with the musician Katie Cherry. Ben Affleck as we all know he is an American actor, director, producer as well as screenwriter. He got two Academy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards. He began his career as a small child, or we can say at an early age. On the other hand, Katie Cherry is a famous and amazing musician.

The Justice League actor is seen or has some link between the musician Katie Cherry, whom the US Weekly reports that he met her on the dating site, Raya. While a source tells ET that the actor is not dating anyone right now, the pair have been seen together and also photographed multiple times.


Ben Affleck and Katie Cherry

Affleck and Cherry were both spotted grabbing coffee together at Starbucks on Sunday morning, while they were out together in Los Angeles. The pair were seen sitting together and chatting enjoying their coffee. Hours later, the two stars they photographed together and they were spending time together at the UNICEF Masquerade Ball, where the musician Cherry was reportedly spotted helping the actor following his alleged sobriety slip, walking with the actor after the event was over, where he was seen wrapped his arms around Cherry’s shoulders.

Then the next day after this thing took place the actor was approached by photographers, but unfortunately, he did not comment on any of the things that he was asked about his romantic life recently. A source noted that Ben Affleck wants someone in his life, he wants to date someone but he wants things to go slowly not too fast he wants things to take slowly.

Let’s hope the best for him. All the good wishes to him and whoever he will be dating in the upcoming future.