Behind the Scenes of Westworld Season 3 New Teaser


New Westworld, who dis? HBO’s hit futuristic Tv series is gearing up for its season 3 where the focus shifts from hosts towards humanity.

Also, Aaron Paul starting as the new leading character in this season.

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With Season 3 debuting this weekend, HBO has released a new behind-the-scenes teaser video titled “Escape from Westworld” that gives us a glimpse of onto the new world of hosts and humans.

Both the creators of the show Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy wanted to focus more on the humans this season unlike the previous two which focused more on the hosts.

Lisa Joy also mentioned that the current will cast light on how the future technological advancements might look like taking into consideration the present scenarios.

And boy that future looks pretty damn gloomy. The first few episodes of the series start with world-building stuff and while fans were expecting the series to take us to Futureworld eventually, it seems that they have to wait for it.

Yes, there’s a lot of interesting things happening like the robot stuff, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is rocking the hell out of a new Blade Runner aesthetic, also, there is an app for doing crime, but mostly it’s a big old’ bummer time where it’s the humans, not the hosts, who are trapped in their little loops, designed by an “all-knowing” A.I.

It’s a smart flip of the script from the series’ original set-up, and while Season 3 still inclines a bit too hard into the building-the-suspense-thing, it’s all-around a rather fun semi-fresh start for the series.

You can catch Westworld on the HBO channel starting from March 15.