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Battlefield 5 is getting Wake Island & custom games review in next week




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Battlefield 5‘s Wake Island map, initially from Battlefield 1942, will be popping into life next week, but forward of that, it is possible to get a fast look thanks to the Wake Island review trailer.

I am not particularly nostalgic about the map, that was in Battlefield 3, but it looks like a burst.

This version is double the magnitude of the original, but DICE says it’s created tweaks to prevent everything devolving.

So while the map’s bigger, there are far opportunities to creep up on enemies thanks to the increase in rocks and plants and more places. Thanks, nature.

It’s usually pretty flat, though, and surrounded by sea, so there’s lots of room to hop in a vehicle. Amphibious tanks and ships will also spawn giving you another way to get around the island.

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The upgrade will be on December 12, but before that, you can begin mucking around in custom games.

On December 9, players will have the ability to produce personal games with the settings of the choice.

You’ll have the ability to create unique configurations with only the maps and styles you need to perform, and you’ll have the ability to provide difficulty players that the boot and to set them.

Servers are a work in progress, though, so more features will be added. You won’t be able to control what weapons, vehicles or classes are allowed, for instance, or at least not when it starts. There are some restrictions, also, which means you earn chapter XP or can’t do Tides of War actions.

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Here is the list of planned and existing personal server features.

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