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Batman to fight Joaquin Phoenix’s, Arthur Fleck In Joker’s Sequel

With a Joker sequel that seems to be more likely, the time has come to contemplate who becomes Batman to fight Joaquin Phoenix’s, Arthur Fleck. Joker had ended up being not just a box office but a box office game-changer. It surpassed Deadpool and became the first R-rated movie in history to crack $1 billion worldwide, making it the most profitable comic book movie of all time.

Joker 2

Although Director Todd Philips has said that the sequel hasn’t been put into development, only 2 movies on history, Titanic and Zootopia, have managed to crack $1 billion worldwide without creating another sequel.
It’s quite doubtful that a comic book suck as Joker would manage to avoid a sequel especially since Philips followed his 2009 The Hangover film with two more movies. Movies.

Joker has the potential to go in many different directions, but it is almost unavoidable as this kind of follow up will involve Batman in some manner. After all, one of the closing scenes of Joker showed the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, which indicates that in the Universe of Joker, the Batman origin story has already started. Yet it is clear that Robert Pattinson’s new Batman is set in a different universe. The universe that the one which is inhabited by Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.

This leads us to believe that Joker 2 would have to create its version of Batman, keeping in mind the question that who could play this tole. When casting Batman for Joker 2, various key factors have to be kept in mind that would inform the choices. One of them being that the Joker, primarily casts actors with strictly dramatic acting experience, that fact that it would like to have a younger Batman and the fact that Todd Philips frequently likes to cast actors he has previous working experience with.



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