Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2 Is Coming Soon| Release Date, Plot And More

Batman: The Long Halloween

DC Movies have just released their animated superhero movie which the fans have accepted very well. The long-waited Batman: The Long Halloween is here and fans couldn’t be any more excited about it. The first part of this animated show was released on 22 June 2021 on all the platforms for the audience. 

We can’t deny the fact that watching animated movies is still an entertainment mode for every age of people. It’s not only for kids these days. The show has been under work for a long time and as it is finally here, the excitement is acknowledged by the audience. 

The conflicts between Gotham City are still ongoing in part one and we are all satisfied with how Warner Bros. tried to make the show amazing yet still sticking to its original. The show is based on the DC comics and its series of Batman: The Long Halloween. While many people are still well-known with the plot in the comic book, still the company tried very well to add new faces and plots to add their level of spice. 

I personally like how Warner Bros. has amazingly done with the story without disturbing the original plot and doesn’t even overdo it. In this article, we will be looking at everything that will help us to understand the show better. 

Note: This article contains major spoilers of Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1. 

Batman: The Long Halloween – Know about it!

Batman: The Long Halloween

An American-animated series that was directed under Warner Bros. is just here. The animated show was scheduled to release this month and it is here. The audience loved the first look of the movie and all these things led to the 100% of rotten tomatoes for the show. 

This part of the comics was already well popular in its time and the story itself plays a major role in the whole story of Batman.

Moreover, the filmmakers have dedicated this movie to Rivera, who we have lost in 2020. Originally, the movie was scheduled to be released. 

The story of this first part revolves around the serial killer who is known as a holiday killer because he has committed all his murders and crimes during the American holiday season. The Serial Killer started murdering during the time Halloween.

Not only this, the killer always leaves something that is related to the crime. He calls this a Secret card and plays with the mind of the investigator. There is always a Murder weapon in every assassination. 

I wouldn’t mind if you all can call this part one of the most significant in the whole series. After the first movie was released, fans started to wonder what the second part looks like. 

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Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2 – When is it going to Release?

Batman: The Long Halloween

The first part of this animated series was just released and while many people can think about what’s going to happen in the second part? There is another question and that is, when is it going to be released? Part 2 of Batman: The Long Halloween is already in talks. 

Luckily, the show has already finished filming and the creators are excited to showcase it to the audience. They have already announced that the animated show will be released on July 27, 2021. 

So you have one month to think of the expected plot and what can happen in the near future of this series. But if you are lazy enough to make this decision, we will help you with this too. 

But if you love to make your own theories and are wondering what will happen in part 2 then you are free to use our comment section. 

Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2 – What can we expect with the storyline?

Batman: The Long Halloween

The second part of Batman: The Long Halloween will be the same as the first part in respect to the cast. As this part is completely based on the original Batman comics, every character will be the same. Not only this, there might be some new characters if the plot demands. While there isn’t any official statement if the show will have any more characters, several people are anticipating it too. 

The second part will take the main antagonist, Gotham City’s and other different villains. In the DC comics, it was shown that all the supervillains are breaking away from Arkham Asylum. There will be major twists and the story will take your mind and thinking to the next level.

Also, Batman will definitely get back to some major action and the serial killer will also be causing some major executing their own twisted schemes amid the chaos caused by the Holiday killings. 

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Is there any Official trailer for this show?

The first part of Halloween has released its official trailer on Youtube on April 7, 2021. Also, the official trailer of this animated movie has been watched by 3.1+ Million views. Not only this but the audience has been appreciating the storyline and the plot of this animated movie. 

Moreover, the part 2 have also released their official trailer on Youtube and have been trending among the DC fans. The DC comics have already posted the official trailer of this show before the actual release of part 1.  

One fan commented that “Can’t wait to see part 2 despite the fact I haven’t seen part 1 🥴👍”

Where can I watch this show?

One can watch the animated show on Amazon Prime Video. The whole show is exclusively available on the online streaming platform. 

Also, if you are someone who loves to watch Amazon Prime Video then The Family Man, Mr. Robot, Carnival Row, and The Flash are something that you should check for sure.  

Final Words

Batman: The Long Halloween has already released the first part of their animated show. After watching the first part, it is clear that the second part would definitely create an unsolved mystery for the serial killer. After the first part got out in the Amazon Prime video, the audience started to look for part 2 updates. The big question of Holiday still running in the minds of the fans.

Despite the fact that the show was adopted by DC comics and many people are still aware of the plot, there are still enough amazing things that make the show different from the comics book. 

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