The Crown is a Netflix original series that depicts the life of the British monarchy and current Monarch Elizabeth II. The intense intense life of the Windsor house is shown in the series starting from Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne to the incidents later.

The show beautifully portrays the differences between Elizabeth II and her husband and consort Prince Philip II the Duke of Edinburgh. The third season is a time skip and focuses on the crisis of Britain at that time with princess Margaret scandals and Prince Charles. The academy award winner Olivia Coleman plays the role of Queen Elizabeth II and Clarie Foy preceding her. The plot of the third season revolves around Princess Margaret played by Helena Carter. The next season will involve the tension between the two sisters with the addition of Princess Diana Spencer.


Season 3 of The Crown premiered on Netflix on Nov. 17, 2019. The newest season of the show covers the royal family from 1964 to 1977. Josh O’Connor earned a lot of praise for his role as Prince Charles. Many fans and critics praised the actor managing the role of the controversial to elicit sympathy for his character.

While fans felt bad for Prince Charles in this past season of The Crown, O’Connor does not think that sympathy won’t be there anymore in the upcoming season. Season 4 is awaited even more anticipated than season 3. This is Because it’s The Season with Princess Diana in the picture. Because of this, O’Connor does not think fans will sympathize with his character anymore. 


According to sources, O’Connor said “People should come away from it feeling sympathy and sorry for Charles partly because I think they should—and that means I’ve done my job well—but also because I know what’s coming in season 4. I want them to feel sorry for him now because things might change,” in an interview with Newsweek. Over the years, Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage broke down. This is because Prince Charles resumed his relationship with his Ex lover, Camilla Parker Bowles in 1986. 

Princess Diana later began an affair with Major James Hewitt. Hence breaking the marriage. The couple got divorced in 1996. After that, Princess Diana tragically died in a car accident a year later, and Prince Charles went on to marry Parker Bowles in 2005, making her the Duchess of Cornwall.

Season 4 of The Crown will take place during the 1980s. While Parker Bowles was introduced in season 3, Princess Diana was not. Because season 4 will focus on the drama behind Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage, O’Connor does not expect the sympathy from season 3 to continue in the next season.

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