Babylon Berlin Season 4 Exclusive Updates Release Date, Cast and Trailer

Germany has been serving the world with a buffet of series in recent times. And Dark being the biggest example of it. Worldwide acknowledged and having millions of fans all over the world is a huge thing for a regional show. But the German shows have been coming in ever since and one of the finest founds is Babylon Berlin a crime thriller. Season 1-3 was well received by the viewers and the reviews are the sole decider of the conception. Currently rated 8.4 in IMDB, reviewed by over 15000 people.

Babylon Berlin is a show which is already one of the most popular ones. And looks ready to be set in a bigger and better setting than the earlier. At least the huge magnitude of speculations says so. Sky has already announced the renewal of the fourth season.

Since then the rumors and speculations have been reaching sky high. Hence, we are here serving the purpose of authenticating the real news from the authorities.

Release Date For Babylon Berlin Season 4


Since the third season of Babylon Berlin ended recently this year and soon after it ended the fourth got the green light. So, from then the news followed the pattern of the release. The third season’s pattern was, the writing was done in mid-2019 and got the release by January 2020 in Germany, and then for the UK it was March 2020.

So, since the series writing was done and dusted, June 2020 was the production start date for the fourth season but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the show took a huge bump in the course.

And as of now, the fans might just have to wait for a longer period of time for Babylon Berlin Season 4. Since the shoot start has no certainty right now, so maybe the shoot will commence by early 2021 and might get a release date of end-2021 or early-2022.

The Cast For Babylon Berlin Season 4

The prime set of the cast is all set to return and hopefully will stick to it till the end. Including the leads Volker Bruch and Liv Lisa Fries playing the investigator duo. Hannah Herzsprung, Lars Eidinger, and Jens Harzer will respectively reprise their roles as promised earlier. And as of now, there has been no new addition to the cast so fans can hope to see the familiar faces doing what they do the best.

Plot Of The Show

Stock market crashing, Gereon taking a heavy dose of morphine to slip himself into a psychedelic trance. And much more was the basic layout at the end of the third season. Now in the fourth season, it is said that Gereon and Charlotte’s relationship will be explored more and the most interesting pick for the plot is Goldstein, Volker Kutscher’s third novel. The focus of the fourth season will be on the American Gangster Abraham Goldstein caught in the act of crime. All set in the year of 1931.


Currently, the shoot is at a halt. So there is no such news of the trailer or teaser dropping in anytime soon.

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