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Baby Yoda GIFs are being pulled for copyright concerns

The Mandalorian released its first episode with the launch of Disney’s streaming service. In the first episode of this show which was titled “Chapter One”, which has a character in the end which played a huge role in the creation of memes and GIFs which contains Mandalorian character referred to as Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda is popular due to the child’s innocence. If we talk about meme-wise, Baby Yoda is used to depict innocent situations in a humorous manner. In Chapter three Baby Yoda becomes more famous the character’s online presence grows along with it.


Kathryn VanArendonk, a staff writer for Vulture Giphy has removed all the site’s Baby Yoda GIFs from his Twitter account as fans can understand that these come from the show. But now if someone tries to search “Baby Yoda” it will show no results. As there are none if the GIFs are applicable.

Baby Yoda got an overwhelmingly positive reaction, receiving online courtesy of fan arts, memes, and GIFs.Disney thinks Baby Yoda GIFs break the rule of their copyright and despite spending money on that they simply remove the Baby Yoda Giphy from the website or database. Baby Yoda will now show in The Mandalorian so fans have to wait for November 29.

Many websites still use GIFs of Baby Yoda with no permission as many experts have argued GIFs are not coming under terms of copyright law and these are protected under fair use provision. Disney would be fickle for the interpretation of copyright law of Iron Man lawsuits in past.




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