Avengers Anatomy: The 5 Weirdest Things About Vision’s Body, Explained

Vision's Body in Avengers 5

Avengers Anatomy: Vision is a superhero appearing in Marvel Comics. Vision is neither a man nor a machine. He was created by Ultron who wanted to destroy the Avengers.

Facts You Should Know About the Superhero Vision Before Watching ...


Vision is described as “every inch a human being— except all of his bodily organs are constructed with synthetic materials.” Vision absorbs solar energy to function. He overcomes the programming to join the Avengers to destroy Ultron, his creator. He is one of the powerful Avengers.

Vision’s body was created by the power of the Forever Crystal to split the original Human torch into two- a part human torch and the other created by Ultron.

Vision’s ability to draw power off the mind stone lets him reform himself into anything. But that ability was destroyed when he was stabbed by Glaive.

His Density

An ability associated to the Mind Stone, Vision could control his density at his convenience. He could make himself entirely weightless or vice versa. He could pull the molecules far apart or put them closer together for his physical form.

His Durability

An android composed of vibranium he was called as a “synthezoid.” He could withstand all the forces without any damage on the outside of his body which didn’t really work out well when Thanos ripped the mind stone out of his head.

His Phasing

The Vision phasing through walls (With images) | Marvel vision

The ability of changing his density and his durability, he can phase through solid objects. Vision is capable of increasing his density to destroy the object he phases through.

His jewel

The jewel on vision’s head is a mind stone which controls the minds of others. The mind stone serves the purpose of charging himself off of solar energy to survive.


Vision's Origins In Avengers: Age Of Ultron Revealed

Vision is capable of flying at a high speed as he has control over his body, motion and density. His abilities to do certain things makes Vision one of the strongest Avengers.



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