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Avatar 2: ‘Release is unaffected by COVID-19’ says director James Cameron

Avatar 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast everything

Avatar 2 Release is unaffected by COVID-19: The makers of Sci-fi fantasy movie series Avatar are gearing up to release the second part of the movie. While the release of many movies are pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the director of the film James Cameron says that the movie’s release date will not be pushed back. Avatar-2 is set to release next year on the Sixteenth of December.

Avatar 2: ‘Release is unaffected by COVID-19’

It’s obvious that the production of the film like other films is stopped due to the pandemic. But James Cameron in a recent interview was seen confident about the release of Avatar 2. We can understand the adrenaline rush and excitement the director is facing about shooting, releasing and making a blockbuster off the second part.

But considering current conditions worldwide it’s not safe to say that the release will not be delayed. However, if the director says that let’s hope to see Avatar part on theatres in the month of December next year.

He further adds that the shooting of the film was to be done in New Zealand but due to the health concerns they can’t resume the shooting now. But for the sci-fi film series like Avatar, the work of animation and VFX plays an important role to make a blockbuster. He then adds that the work from home is going on to the extent it’s possible but his main work is on the actual set of the film.

The first part of this sci-fi was a huge blockbuster on the cinemas in 2009. The record of the highest engrossing film was with the Avatar, until the previous year when Avengers: Endgame released. Let’s hope we get to see the second part on it’s scheduled to release date.

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