Atiye, The New Netflix Original Series.


The new Netflix original series, ” Atiye ” has become the talk to the town. First premiering on the 27th of December, 2019, it very quickly managed to acquire a huge fan following.

This mystery drama series includes eminent Turkish cast of Beren Saat as Atiye, Mehmet Gunsur as Erhan, Metin Akdulger as Ozan, Melisa Senolsun as Cansu, Basak Koklukaya as Serap and Hazal Turesan as Hannah.


This Turkish drama successfully entices the audience into its intriguing story. With innumerable questions rising on the surface, Atiye often compensates answers in favor of familial drama that clouds over some of the early season intrigues that are likely to disappoint the audience.

The story revolves around the protagonist herself, Atiye. After making her fortune selling pictures that depict strange symbols, alongside her partner Ozan, archaeologist Ethan sends her life spinning out of control.

He discovers that the symbols were similar to the ones found in the heart of an ancient cave network. What follows this discovery is set to take us on a rollercoaster ride, revealing a series of family secrets and truths accompanied with danger following their way. Thus the first few episodes build up the layers of mystery surrounding Atiye and Ethan.

The first season is quite a mystery and paves the way more suspense, thereby entertaining the audience with drama, love triangles, betrayal and of course mystery. Moreover, the cinematography allows the series to move at a good pace along with the aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Atiye, throughout the series, is depicted as a confusing yet intriguing mystery. Although the audience seems to be a little disappointed with the drama as it appears to be forced and leans a bit too heavily towards soap opera and melodramatic elements.

The audience is most certainly intrigued to see where this mystery leads us next and what turn does Atiye’s life takes.