At what stage the second part of Aquaman is and when the fans of the character can expect it

The very first film of Aquaman was portrayed with the lead character or we can say actor Jason Momoa within the position of Arthur Curry, who is an extreme badass hero. Its sequence is formally in the pre-production and the fans and the followers are very much excited for the sequel of when it will be hitting the theatres.

The director of the movie James Wan work took the film within the billion-dollar membership. The sequel for the movie was also made confirmed by Warner bros. the studio simply after the discharge of their primary half.


The actor Jason has been so within the sequel that he also expressed a thought for it to the Warner Bros. whereas they had also been capturing for the main primary movie so far.

The Release Date of Aquaman


The writing script of the second part of the movie is in the ultimate stage, after that the manufacturing or the production will begin. So, we have expected that the second part of the movie will be hitting the screens by 2022.

The anticipated launch date for the second part of the movie is 22 December 2022. So the main villain of the movie will be very difficult to be decided in the movie. We might see some of the new character coming in the second part of the movie.


The fans of the movie have been waiting for a long time for the confirmation of the movie. Although it has been made confirmed but they have to wait for one more year for the release date.

Now, as because of the corona-pandemic the release dates or even the production of the movie can be much more delayed than it was expected.

Many of the big-budgeted productions have been halted for now due to the corona-outbreak so we do not know anything, for now, the official news also has not been given by the officials of the movie so far.

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