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Ask Matt: ‘All Rise’ for Virtual Episode, a Canceled ‘Man,’ ‘American Idol,’ Themed Soaps Weeks & More


Welcome friends to the question-answer with TV critic and some fans also call him TV therapist- Matt Rush. He will address about loath, love or people are just confused or frustrated or even thrilled by today’s vast TV landscape.

The zone is spoiler-free so no storylines and plots will be discussed further unless the story is already in popular knowledge.


Question: What were your thoughts about the virtual episode of All Rise? What I thought about it was that it was very well done and it dealt very well with the pandemic. What do you think about the show being picked up for season 2?

AMERICAN IDOL – ABC’s “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest with judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan, and in-house mentor Bobby Bones. (ABC/Gavin Bond)

Matt Roush: The renewal of All Rise was confirmed by CBS this week. Whoever is involved in it I say Kudos to them for turning this around so effectively and quickly.

A fan said “You should recognize All Rise. Their program addressing the coronavirus pandemic using social separation was terrific. They showed the difficulty of trying to carry on with court cases without being in court. Using the separate shots of all the actors really carried out the reality of the social distancing. I’m not aware of any other show that addressed the issue as they did.”

Question: Why was the show Man with a Plan got cancelled after it achieved 6 million views per week which calls for a good performer?

Matt Roush: I was not surprised by the show getting cancelled despite the show having a critical buzz and likeable stars into it as well as it achieved a magical status. The show got cancelled because the company did not see a back-end potential for a sitcom as many felt it to be a rerun from a different time-space.

Question: How were the top 10 contestants on American Idol exactly five men and five women?

Matt Roush: I’ll just clarify the math for you the Top 10 contestants in the show were six men and four women. Maybe the votes just fell that way.


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