As the 1st Anniversary of the Capitol Riot Approaches, Polls Predict More Violence in the Upcoming Elections


One year after the violent assault led by Trump supporters on the US Capitol in a failed attempt to stop Congress from sealing Biden’s win, polls have shown that 68% of Americans foresee violence from the losing side in future elections. Only 32% consider it an isolated incident.

CBS News poll called the attack “a harbinger of political violence” and millions of Americans fear that democracy might be compromised.

The anniversary of the attack is fast approaching and the recent CBS polls show several causes for concern. Back then, the events of January 6 were widely criticized by the majority of both parties. However, today, there are different interpretations of what transpired along with a mellowing of disapproval that’s a cause for concern.

Republicans, for example, have less harsh interpretations of those events. Some even believe that the attack was led not by Trump supporters but by leftists who wanted to undermine Trump.

The most alarming result of the polls would have to be the minority that deliberately approves of what happened. While they may be little, they are still there. They tend to be from the younger generation who use right-leaning news sources. They also approve of dividing the USA into “red” and “blue” countries.


Other than that, the polls have also shown that 28% of the respondents believe force to be a necessary measure to defend the election results while 34% reasoned that violence can be justified.

While Trump refuses to concede his loss, bipartisan officials, non-partisan policy groups, Trump’s own Attorney General, and Department of Homeland Security leaders all agree that there were no traces of fraud or irregularities in the 2020 race. Even so, 71% of Republicans don’t believe Biden’s presidential claim to be legitimate largely because of Trump’s and GOP leaders’ repeated bogus claims.

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These false claims have caused Republican-led legislatures on laws that strip powers from election officials making it easier for partisans to overturn or reject legitimate state elections. Experts have warned that these irreconcilable views present a clear threat to electoral democracy in the USA.

60% of the polls’ participants agree that Trump should bear a heavy responsibility for the Capitol invasion. Prior to the attack, Trump had addressed thousands of supporters claiming that it was a “rigged” election and that they should “fight like hell.”

A selected group from the House of Representatives has been conducting investigations to establish the roles and responsibilities of those who incited the riot. Liz Cheney, one of the two Republicans on the panel, strongly condemned Trump for taking hours before calling off his supporters to stand down.