Artemis Fowl: Plot, Release Date, Cast and What Fans Are Expecting

Artemis Fowl

You can enjoy an epic battle against fairies with Artemis fowl which is available on Disney and Hotstar. It is an American science movie which is based on the novel written by Eoin Colfer.

This film is of 12.5 crores USD budget. Despite the film having a low rating, which is 3.9 on IMDB the director of the film Kenneth Branagh says that the film is full of entertainment, crime, fantasy, and fairy tale.

The film has been produced by Kenneth Branagh and Judy and the production company of the film is Walt Disney picture.

Some negative remarks have been received by the movie. Let’s find out all the plot details and the reason for its negative rating.

Artemis Fowl: Plot details and Release date

On 12 June 2020, the film has been released on for Disney. The plot of the film is based on father Artemis and his 12-year-old son. The son is extremely intelligent and soon he realizes that behind his father’s disappearance, the fairies are responsible. 

Artemis Fowl

Adults can bring his father back, as he knows the fact that it is the strongest object. So maybe it can cause rising all the fairy empire.

Artemis was successful in reuniting with his father at the ending of the film. The story for the second part is confirmed which is to take place as a battle against Opal kobo.

Artemis Fowl: Cast

The cast of the film includes Ferdia shaw as Artemis fowl 2, Lara Mcdonnell as Holly short, Josh gad as Mulch degums Nonso noise as Dom and Colin Farrell as Artemis fowl 1 ( father of Artemis fowl 2).

What happens next is unknown. Sa you have to stay at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic which is currently prevailing, and you should enjoy this movie at home.

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