Ares Season 2 Expected Release Date, Cast Info And Every Other Detail


Horror/and eyesore is one of the extensively prominent genres that population from all across the world admire a lot. Ares Season 2 is one amongst such horrid and metaphysical web TV sequel which has existed relatively popular all over the internet among horror sequel enthusiasts. This Dutch atrocity drama sequel has progressed quite a ton of pursuing in an extremely tight duration of time.

Ares season 2 has been established by Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten, and Sander Van Meurs and proposed or directed by Giancarlo Sanchez along with Michiel Ten Horn. This web tube sequel has been developed mainly for the streaming setting Netflix. Season 1 of Ares premiered and broadcasted on Netflix on January 17, 2020. The exhibit was an instant blow and earned quite an amount of observers in an extremely low duration of time.

Season 1 of Ares released for a whole of 8 incidents. The exhibit has been in conversations for quite a lengthy time. Enthusiasts have been lasting and craving for season 2 to be broadcasted.

Ares Season 2 Release DateĀ 


The accomplishment of season 1 put up the intentions for the exhibit to retreat for the next season. It has been six months since the initial season was broadcasted, and there has existed no news respecting the revival of the exhibit for the following season.

Gossips considering the exact are drifting all across the internet, heeding the same. According to stories, the display it assigned to return for an additional season in mid-2021. Nonentity, as such, has been substantiated by the showrunners, producers, or relatives of the show.

The CastĀ 

  • Jade Olieberg acting as Rosa Steenwijk
  • Tobias Kersloot acting as Jacob Wessels
  • Lisa Smit acting as Carman Zwanenburg,
  • Robin Boissevain acting as Roderick

Van Hall and several additional artists existed as a component of the exhibit in season 1. They are anticipated to return for the following season as well.


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