Is Harry from Too Hot to Handle still with Francesca? Let’s Find Out!

Too Hot to Handle,’ a Netflix dating reality program, challenges a group of singles to refrain from any physical closeness or sexual fulfillment while living together in a luxury villa. The individuals who are taking part are known to favor casual relationships, and the show attempts to help them create a deeper friendship outside of sexual temptations. The inclusion of a substantial monetary incentive, which is reduced each time a participant violates a rule, adds to the excitement.

The heated relationship between Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey is what many remember most about the first season. They were one of the popular couples and cost the participants a large portion of the overall prize money before winning some back. Even if it does include a Ring Pop candy, Harry’s marriage proposal to Francesca in the reunion special is another highlight of season 1. Is the saucy pair from Season 1 still together? So, here’s all you need to know to answer your question!


The Too Hot to Handle Journey of Harry and Francesca

Harry and Francesca met while filming the first season of the program in the spring of 2019. The two personalities bonded right away, and their hot connection was hard to ignore. Harry and Francesca grew in popularity both on and off the exotic island. Harry is well-known for his amusing catchphrases, which make him an intriguing ladies’ guy. Chloe attempted to approach Harry at first, but it appeared that the Australian was only interested in Francesca. The first $3,000 of the group’s reward money was removed as a result of their kiss.

are harry and francesca still together

However, Harry lied to everyone and blamed the memorable kiss on the Canadian beauty, resulting in Harry and Francesca’s first on-screen confrontation. Despite their minor differences, the two found it impossible to resist one other. As the first season came to an end, they finished their time on the program as a couple and even seemed eager to continue their relationship in real life. So, how are things doing with Harry and Francesca these days?

Are Harry and Francesca Still Together?

No, Harry and Francesca are no longer together. After filming season 1 of the reality series, Harry paid Francesca a visit in Vancouver while she moved to Australia to be with him. They apparently separated up in the summer of 2019, around July, since their brief romance could not withstand the realities of distance. Harry allegedly contacted Francesca in February 2020, after around eight months. This triggered old feelings, and they reconciled. In the reunion special, he even got down on one knee and proposed marriage to Francesca, to which she gladly consented.

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How Did The Couple Get Separated?

The pair got closer after the Australian beauty migrated to Los Angeles, but their reunion was brief. Francesca revealed their breakup on social media in June 2020 and posted a sorrowful video on YouTube. Despite the fact that she and Harry looked to be serious about marriage, the latter ended their romance because he did not desire a long-distance relationship. Travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 epidemic could not have made matters any easier. In addition, Harry uploaded a video explaining his feelings about the separation and recalling how their relationship was always unstable.

are harry and francesca still together

However, things took a disastrous turn when Harry claimed that Francesca’s response to their breakup harmed his family, friends, and brand. According to rumors, the Australian reality TV star considered suing Francesca. They were apart until May 2021, when their trip in Mexico fuelled rumours of their reunion. They were also seen enjoying Harry’s 24th birthday together. On ‘The Domenick Nati Show,‘ Francesca confirmed their reconciliation, adding, “We were getting back together. We were gradually getting to know one other. He was then being quite nasty to me online.”

are harry and francesca still together

In his interview with Us Weekly, Harry also addressed the rumors. “We attempted to give it another shot,” he continued, “but simply blatant misunderstanding on multiple fronts.” Harry revealed their relationship status on E! News in July 2021. “We’ll never be together again,” he remarked. “It was a’very poisonous relationship,’ he remarked, and it was time for it to stop for good.” Despite the fact that they are “two very different people,” the former ‘THTH’ contestant added that he will always be there for Francesca if she needs anything and that it is time for them to move on.

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While Harry has made it clear that he is no longer in a relationship with Francesca, supporters are likely hoping that they will ultimately cross paths again. Maybe they need some space to realize they are meant to be together. According to what we can discern, both of them have left their previous relationship behind them and are now focused on building their futures. While Harry briefly dated co-star Georgia Hassarati, he is currently focused on his podcast, ‘Tap In w/ Harry Jowsey.Francesca is becoming increasingly prominent as an influencer, and she has also established Farago the Lable, a line of biodegradable swimwear. This is all we know so far about the Couple.

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