Aquaman part 2 release date revealed


Just like some of us might have heard that Black Panther part two will be coming the same like that Aquaman 2 will be coming. Warner Bros. is officially making a sequel of this fantastic movie Aquaman. And James Wan is likely to return for the project and even direct the film for a good second part. The movie also topped the Dark Knight Rises, so it is nit surpassing news.

As we have some report and news for the release date for this second part of the movie, the movie will be releasing on 16 December 2022. The filming and everything will be starting from next year not from this year as it was said in a news report.


Aquaman part 2

Many of us might have watched the first part. The first part was some 2017’s Justice League.

Aquaman witnessed Arthur trying to claim his destiny as a king of Atlantis from his brother turned enemy Orm. Determined on starting a war between those who are above and below the sea level, Orm takes the aid to Black Manta to seal his place above the other underwater kings as the Ocean Master. The only hope is that he is always reluctant to recognize his responsibility.

The cast for the second part has not been revealed yet, but it will be soon not this year but the following year. But the lead actor Jason Momoa is very much excited to come back in the project.

The trailers are always available close to the release of the movie. But I don’t think that there is any trailer yet it will be coming soon as the fans are eagerly waiting for the film to be released soon so they must watch the trailer too before watching the movie.

The second part of this movie we all know that it will be a good one, and it is said that it will focus more on Black Manta and his vengeance on Aquaman.