Apple MacBook Air 2020 has been announced and the fans of it need to know many things about it. They announced their latest thin and light laptop which also offers the power, design and also build quality that the fans have come to expect from Appleā€™s laptop, but it might be in a much more affordable package compared to their MacBook Pro.

While the launch event of the MacBook Air 2020 has come out of the blue, many of the people were hoping for an updated version of the laptop this year which has given how impressive the MacBook Air 2019 model was.

The brand new MacBook Air 2020 has or gives some extra offers, it offers twice the performance and twice the storage of its predecessor, plus it also has a new magic keyboard, that is addressing a couple of issues we had with the previous one.

The best of all, it also comes with a lower price of 999 hundred dollars for just the base model, which is making it the cheapest model of MacBook Air.

The Release Date Of MacBook Air

The brand new MacBook Air 2020 is available to order right now for the Apple fans from the Apple Store. The company also says that it will be available in the stores from March 23, but we are not sure if that will be the case, as the Apple stores around the world are currently closed due to the virus.

We also do now know exactly if the pandemic will lead to the shipping delays, so while the new MacBook Air 2020 is also currently available to buy, but we are not sure that when the people will get it in their hands. The shipping might take some time for the pandemic.

Let’s hope the best for them and everything becomes alright like how it was before.


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