Apple Black Friday deals guide: AirPods, iPhone, iPads, MacBooks upcoming deals


Apple’s thing. The company typically does not participate in thank-you shopping weekends, and if it does, the gift cards replace the actual selling prices.

Although Apple does not indulge in Black Friday fun on its official site, that does not prevent other retailers from adding Apple to the mix for us. Bless their souls.

The tricky part about this is that you have to compare search and cross to find out where the best deal is.
But it literally means what we pay to do, so rest your weary fingers as we found all the Black Friday Apple sales that are happening at just the right time.

We’ve also broken down to where you’ll get the best deal, what you should do and not get excited about and what you should buy until Black Friday officially closes.

You won’t find many great deals on iPhones and they usually only apply to older phones. For some people, the old phone is worth it to save some cash, especially if there are special promos and sales.

That being said, there are some deals that are at least worth watching. The best we got is on Target, where you can get the iPhone X and get a $ 300 Target Gift Card with eligible activation.

The drawback is that you cannot order the phone online and it appears to be low or out of stock in many stores. So, if you can find it close to your target, that’s a good thing.

Walmart has some iPhones listed at rollback prices but does not come for those. The rollback price is usually the new standard rate, so you can find it anywhere. (Granted, getting a phone for cheaper than the original MSRP is still a decent purchase – nothing special just for Black Friday.)

Walmart will offer a gift card with an iPhone purchase on Black Friday if you Want to wait until a deal is actually reached.

If you want a new iPhone, shopping directly from the phone carrier is one way. Verizon is running special offers on some iPhones including iPhone 11 (!!!).

If you buy an iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max, you can add each other as a new line and save $ 700.

This is not the most accessible deal because you have to buy two phones and open a new phone line, but if you are ready to do so, you can save a good chunk of money.

If you open a new line and free an iPhone 7 with a new line, Verizon is also offering $ 300 off an iPhone XR.

Sprint has had some deals on its leasing plans: an 18-month iPhone 11 lease is dropped to $ 15 a month and an 18-month iPhone XR lease drops to $ 10 a month.

If you’re recovering for a used iPhone, Amazon has a few new phones on sale. These are the deals you should pay attention to if you are looking for an older phone. Buying fresh saves you money and helps to cut e-waste.

A fully unlocked 256-GB iPhone XS is slashed down to $ 645.99 on Amazon – a new one will charge you around $ 1,049.

You can get an unlocked 64-GB iPhone X at Amazon for just $ 474.99 – a refurbished 64GB iPhone X will cost you $ 679 if you buy it directly from Apple’s site.

We don’t typically see major price drops on AirPods, but that means any discount is worth mentioning. Second-gen AirPods are actually the lowest priced at $ 139 across the board at Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.

But above, earbuds in Walmart’s Black Friday ad fall to $ 129 (less than $ 30 MSRP), so we suggest waiting until they stop for the super low price.

AirPods Pro is a different story. Apple is not expected to see any Black Black Friday prices drop in recently launched earbuds, but Amazon has just given them a discount of $ 14. We know it’s not too much, but if you shop elsewhere you can pay the full $ 249.


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