Ant-Man 3 Official Release Date, Cast & everythinh you can know

For a little while, it seemed that Ant-Man 3 wouldn’t occur and if it did, it may not be in the kind of a film.
However, on November 1 it was verified that Peyton Reed will return becoming the first manager to oversee the entire trilogy of all MCU films. (James Gun is going to be the first until the Guardian before the delay of Galaxy 3.)
It is a surprise that both Ant-Man films aren’t among the biggest MCU successes thus far, together with Ant-Man grossing $519.3 million worldwide and Ant-Man along with The Wasp grossing $622.7 million.
It’s a welcome of surprise and here’s everything we know about the outing for Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne.

Ant-Man 3: Who is coming back?

Paul Rudd, of course, reunite as Ant-Man / Scott Lang and even though that has not yet been confirmed, we would be surprised not to see Evangeline Lily back.
Michael Douglas has confirmed that he will return as Hank Pym, so it would be surprising if Michele Pfeiffer didn’t return as Jane Van Dyne, too, given she was Avengers: Endgame Has survived.
Possible returns include the Luis as Michael Pena, Judy Greer as Scott’s ex-wife Maggie, and Bobby Cannavale as Maggie’s husband, Jim Paxton.
The Avengers: Endgame included a wrinkle, however, because it’s now five years old as The Wasp, as well as Ant-Man, have MCUs, therefore Cassie Lang will not be returned as by Ebby rider Fortson.
Instead, Emma Führmann will recover her role as the teenage Cassie and Führmann is excited to potentially be a part of the Young Avengers later on if she returns. “They are Marvel very secretive, but my research showed me that Cassie Stich from the comics and Stinger from the Young Avengers would be great and that could be great,” he informed

Ant-Man 3 Release Date: When Can We Expect It?

The official confirmation of the threequel did not coincide with the launch date, but Ant-Man 3 is scheduled to get”a possible launch in 2022″.
In a meeting with Collider, Michael Douglas revealed that the movie would start filming in January 2021, which will fit in time for the 2022 launch when it releases, and we could work about it.
Three Marvel movies are scheduled for release in 2022, and Black Panther 2 has been confirmed for May 6.
The cover for Ant-Man 3 kicks off on February 18 or July 29, and we think it will be July 29, 2022, in line with the late summer launch for previous films. Whether it will formally be part of the 5 films of this stage of Phase 4 or one remains to be seen.

Ant-Man 3 Villain: Who Can It Be?

It is not likely that a third film will see the return of Sonny Burch (Walter Goggins) as he seeks his sin, but can the future villain be hidden in plain view in the sequel? As part of the backstory of Ghost, it was disclosed that his dad was none other than Elias Starr.
He apparently caused a country of ghosts however it is not necessarily a return.


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