Another Round of Stimulus? A Senior Citizens Group Seeks Funds To Be Able To Depend on for $1,400 in Payments



The federal government has already sent out $1200 direct payments to many Americans since March 2020, in the difficult times of spreading Covid-19.


Also in December 2020, a $600 additional stimulus check was also approved by Congress.

Now the Democrats are rooting for another $1400 similar check.

The senior citizen group fundraisers are now, thinking of putting some effort to lobby more another round of $14 hundred payments for the Social Security recipients during the period of this pandemic.

It has been urging Congress to bring out another round for the senior citizens in these difficult times.

“We’re midway through December. A busy time of year and an expensive time. If you’re anything like me, you keep an eye on your budget. Do you know what could really help with that budget? A one-time emergency stimulus check for Social Security recipients,” a holiday fundraising which was sent out by organizations chairman Rick Delaney said the same.

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Delaney added to the email that “Pandemic, inflation, job loss. These are realities in all our lives and this emergency check could be a lifeline to a lot of people,”.

The senior citizen group fundraisers watch the people give some donations to them.