Another Omicron case has been reported in Los Angeles, this time locally.

Los Angeles County announced its fourth case of the Omicron variety of COVID-19 on Wednesday, claiming that the illness was likely spread locally, as opposed to earlier cases that were thought to be travel-related.

The most recent patient has been completely immunized, including a booster injection, according to the county Department of Public Health.

The anonymous person had “minimal symptoms” and was in close contact with “several” persons who have subsequently tested positive for COVID-19, but it’s unclear if those instances include the Omicron variety, which is responsible for a surge in infections in South Africa, where it was initially discovered.

Some of the patient’s close friends and family members were also completely vaccinated, while the status of others is yet unknown, according to health experts.

The county did not disclose any further information about the new Omicron patient, merely referring to the case as “unsolved.” “a likely effect of local transmission,” which means that the variant has now spread across the community.

“The discovery of an Omicron case linked to community spread serves as a reminder that all of us must take the appropriate steps to avoid COVID-19 transmission,” stated county Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer in a statement.

Despite a Drop in Coronavirus Hospitalizations in Los Angeles County, Omicron Spike Remains a Concern.

“Vaccinations, boosters, disguising up, and testing are just a few of the precautions that are now accessible to us while we celebrate the holidays with those we care about. This is how we stop Delta and Omicron from spreading.”

Last Thursday, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced its first Omicron case, involving a person who went to South Africa through London. The second and third instances were verified on Monday, one involving a USC student who had just been to West Africa and the other involving a USC student who had recently flown to the East Coast for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Health experts determined that all three diseases were contagious “According to county officials, all three individuals were completely vaccinated and only exhibited moderate symptoms.

Long Beach’s health department, which is distinct from the county’s, verified the first Omicron case on Tuesday. That person was likewise completely vaccinated, had no symptoms, and had just been worldwide, but not to southern Africa.

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