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Another new character added to the Beastars universe for the second instalment!


Beastars writer and sketch artist is Paru Itagaki, and this anime was originally published in 2016. The anime is set in a modern world where you will find several anthropomorphic bipedal animals, who focus on the struggle of instinct and culture between the herbivores and the carnivores.

The anime premiered in Japan in 2019, October, while for the American viewers, it was available towards March 2020. We expect a sequel to arrive somewhere in 2021.

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Well, it won’t be wrong if I say  Beastars is quite a famous anime available on the Netflix platform. With several characters on board, this time for the second installment, the makers are trying to be more creative and have decided to introduce a new character. Continue reading for details regarding the same.

Storyline of Beastars

Legoshi, a huge grey wolf is a timid and quiet student of the Cherryton academy, where he stays in a dormitory. Along with him other carnivores also stay in the dorm, including Jack, his best friend, a Labrador. Legoshi works as a member of the school’s drama club and is a stagehand who supports the actors of the clubs. The club is headed by Louis, a star pupil, who is also a red deer.

But, unfortunately, one day, Tem, an alpaca is brutally assassinated and devoured overnight. This incident creates a rift between the herbivores and the carnivores students. Meanwhile, Legoshi has a fateful encounter with a small dwarf rabbit, Haru. Haru loved Louis, the red deer, and begin to have complex feelings of her.

Changes in the Beastars cast

Pina, a cocky Dall sheep joined the cast of Beastars, Netflix’s anime series in its installment. The official notification regarding the same is recently announced. The new introduction is joining the varied fauna ranks in the Beastars universe.

Pina, the Dall sheep’s Japanese voice actor is officially announced along with a portrait of the new character on the social media handles of Beastars.

The Animation Studio, Orange took it to twitter regarding the poster with the caption mentioning the announcement of Pina joining the Beastars’s universe in its second installment. With Pina’s portrait out for display, it is sure that he would stir up the audience in the Cherryton Academy.

The voice cast (Japanese)  for Pina is Yuki Kaji. In a follow-up tweet, Orange announced Kaji’s involvement. Kaji has been a long time fan of the Beastars before even the animation adaption finalized. But, for an English dub, The voice actor is not known.

The portrait of Pina shared by Orange on its social media handle shows off his large horns and a cocky attitude.

The anime-inspired from the manga sharing the same title, Pina is also affiliated to the school drama club along with Legoshi and Louis. Pina will be quite popular among the students but has a reputation for that of a player.

Well, let’s see if this player can woo it’s audience’s heart and takes the season to new levels.

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