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Anne with an E season 4 will be cancelled ? Here’s all you need to know

Anne with an E is a dream series for every classic and literature lover. The series first came out in 2017 and was very well received by the audience. The series was initially titled Anne for its first season but later it was changed to ” Anne with an E ” to add a dramatic appeal to the plot. This Canadian series is based on the 1980s novel Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. It has been adapted by Emmy Awards winning writer and producer Moira Walley Beckett.

Anne with an E is a coming-of-Age story depicting a young orphan girl in search of acceptance, love, and struggles to figure out her place in the world. The character of Anne is beautifully played by Amybeth McNulty, a 13-year-old who is the survivor of an abusive childhood in orphanages and the homes of Strangers. Both season one and two of the series were interesting but season three portrayed a more grown-up Anne as she and her friends decide to apply for colleges.

Moreover, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert are in a dilemma whether to support or not their red-headed orphan and her desire to truly discover herself and her roots. As we already know that Anne’s parents decided it was in their daughter’s best interest to not have any contact with her both parents and needless to say Anne wasn’t happy about it. However, the season ended on a rather absurd note. Moreover, fans were heartbroken to find out that Netflix and CBC have canceled Anne with E ‘s fourth season.

Fans were looking forward to finding out what happens next in the life of Anne but fans were disappointed to find out that the show’s fourth season has been canceled. Thus to show their disapproval fans launched a campaign, #RenewAnnewithanE. However, the producers of the series have no hope of that renewal of the series.



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