Anne with An E Season 4 What is going on in the series? Will it return or not?


The Canadian drama Anne with an E is based on the 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The series has been an instant hit among fans who found it charming. 

The third season successfully concluded recently in November 2019 but it was not the last in the series.

The TV adaptation has made many adjustments to the story considering how things can get obsolete over time. The Emmy-Award winning producer has brought out the true essence of the story. 

Many bold topics like homosexuality and racial inequality has been introduced which is worth a praise.

Is season 4 coming or not?

Sadly the massive fan campaigns and petitions failed to bring back the show. CBC’s principal personalization supervisor Sally Catto revealed the main reason behind the show’s cancellation.

Although the show was very popular among young viewers, Netflix could not garner a amount of viewers. Regardless, #SaveAnneWithAnE has been trending on social media. 

Fans were quite hopeful about getting the show back. What with the romance between Anne and Gilbert just blooming at the end of season three – episode 10, “The better feelings of the heart”.

Although viewers who are familiar with the books and previous adaptations know that this romance gives way to marriage. Sadly there is no news so far about a season 4.