Anne With An E Season 4 Renewal Status and Other Details about the Series


Anne With an E returns to Netflix with her third and possibly last season. In this age of Peak TV, we’re used to shows that receive an early cancellation, but Anne With an E’s case has something different.

In other words, fans have not only rallied with complete abandon to the show, but the fans could win this round.

One must know everything about the show itself to understand why Anne With an E still has a chance to come back from the dead. 

The series reimagines the classic character of Lucy Maud Montgomery to a modern audience. Young Anne Shirley (Amybeth McNulty) is not depicted as just a curious duck but as a survivor of long-standing institutional violence. 

One remembers her friends and her struggles with weighty issues such as racism and classism and the risks of green hair dye bought from untrustworthy vendors. 

Anne With an E is an audacious use of traditional material and exists only through a now-defunct partnership between the CBC and Netflix.

 Anne With An E Release Date

Unfortunately, Anne With an E was officially canceled at this time. It means the third season, which will now be available on Netflix, will be the last season of the series. 

But the fans of the show brought Twitter (with #SaveAnneWithAnE),, and Netflix support for the fall series with their mercy pleas. 

While Netflix is on a cancelation snap this year–with Tuca and Bertie, The OA, GLOW, and a lot more–Anne With an E’s fans have reason to be optimistic.


To understand the reason behind a bit of controversy about Anne With an E’s early departure, you must understand the background of the third season of the show.

In August 2018, it was reported that CBC and Netflix were heading forward with the third season of the show ahead of their Canadian CBC linear debut. 

At this time, CBC’s general programming manager, Sally Catto, commented that CBC had been signed on the show for a long time.

So, the third season could have only turned to speculation, but about a year later, something strange happened. 

In October 2019, CBC Chair and CEO Catherine Tait announced that CBC would no longer collaborate with Netflix on major co-productions, such as Anne With an E. 

Reports said Tait shared in the podcast of Content Canada that “we will not make deals that have harmed our long-term domestic industry’s profitability.” Ultimately, she felt Netflix got more out of this contract than the CBC.