Lately, Andy Dick was sentenced to fourteen days in jail for his sexual battery case, but it is already out after only serving one night behind bars.

Andy was hit with two misdemeanour charges for the incident that he did one for the sexual battery and the other was one for simple battery. A judge ordered Andy to complete community service, which Andy failed to complete it, so he got fourteen days jail sentence in Los Angeles County Jail. It was very much lucky for Andy that he only had to stay there in the jail for only one night he checked in on December 6th, and he was out on the next day. He caught the break, and that was due to jail overcrowding.


We broke the whole story the troubled comedian was then charged after a woman filed a police report claiming that the comedian squeezed her butt twice as the comedian walked past her on a sidewalk that was back in April 2018.

As we have been reported that this is not the only legal problem for Andy. The comedian pled not guilty to one count of misdemeanour sexual battery for allegedly groping his Uber driver, also in April 2018. The male Uber driver claimed that Andy reached over from the back seat and grabbed his crotch.

Andy Dick

The comedian was also involved in a street fight with an Uber Eats driver in October as well, which resulted in him being slammed to the ground and his head hitting the pavement. However, because it was him to start the fight and also he started the altercation by trying to take some food from the delivery guy he was then later named a suspect in a battery investigation.

Andy also notoriously threatened to lick and grope one of the photogs of TMZ back in November 2017. It is very much fair to say that it has not been a good run for him.