It is a very sad news for the world that the Game Of Thrones actor Theon Grejoy have died.  It is a very sad news for Game Of Thrones fans the guy who stood is as a body double for Alfie Allen’s Theon Grejoy is now no more with us. Alfie is now offering his thoughts and prayers.

One of the good actor Andrew passed away on the Christmas Eve in Belfast, Ireland and this was said according to his friends and an extras acting agency that had employed him. The cause of his death have not been revealed yet, but the news seemed to stun his contemporaries and that includes Alfie.


The English actor posted tributes of his GoT stand-in saying that rest in peace Andrew and then going to the share to his full thoughts. He was a very good actor and he was extremely shocked to hear of his passing away like this and that too so suddenly. To lose a loved one so young he Alfie could only imagine what his family is going through now.

The man not only served as Theon’s body double, but he was also the cast on the show as an extra for the couple different scenes notably, as one of the John Snow’s allies in the Battle of the Bastards episodes as well as Stark house bannerman. He was so much famous for his role.

It is very much unclear that how much he stood for Alfie, but he is reported to have first been cast as an extra from the season six through season eight but it is obvious that it was long enough for the guy himself to remember and commemorate him.

He acted in so many productions and he did so much of good Hollywood movies as well. he will always be known for his works that he have given to us. His family is facing the most difficult time now let’s pray for them.