Amir Siddiqui’s Tik Tok account suspended and the issue regarding YouTube Vs Tik Tok!!

Amir Siddiqui's Tik Tok account suspended

Everything starts with a video of Amir Siddiqui, which he posted on Instagram. In which he had tagged some of the famous YouTubers, who roast Tiktokers. He said many things in the video which was not good. After that, a new thing started known as Youtube vs Tiktok. All the roasters started roasting Amir Siddiqui because he only called them to roast him.

Then in this fight, Carryminati came to roast him. As Amir Siddiqui also mentioned Carryminati in the video. 


YouTube Vs Tik Tok

YouTube Vs Tik Tok

In the roasting video named as Youtube vs TikTok: The End, Carryminati has told everything about Amir Siddiqui and roasted him very harshly which is not bad because it is started by Amir only.

After some days, the video of Carryminati was deleted by Youtube because of the violence and community guidelines. 

After that everything changed. People started disliking Amor Siddiqui, more roast videos started coming on Youtube. On Tik Tok also people started roasting Amir. Everything went against him. 

Amir Siddiqui’s Tik Tok account suspended


After that Amir Siddiqui, brother Faisal Siddiqui came into limelight when a video of him on Tiktok came in the eyes of people and a BJP minister. That video was seriously talking about the acid attack on women. In that video, Faisal throws acid on a girl because she refuses his love. After that, an FIR also filed against him and his Tik Tok account was banned because of multiple community guidelines violations. 

Now, what happened to the account of Amir Siddiqui, The report likewise expressed that legal counsellor Ali Kaashif Khan has recorded an objection against Amir Siddiqui for the benefit of his customer Noor Siddiqui for posting disdainful, disparaging and vindictive remarks on Instagram. The TikTok star Amir Siddiqui as of late opened up about his record suspension and the grumbling.

After that Amir said that he doesn’t know why his account is banned. During his media association, he said that he doesn’t plan to hurt anybody deliberately and he follows the network rules. He likewise discussed the video which is being named as abusive. Amir Siddiqui said that the video which is being coursed is a trick video and it was made right around a year back.

He said that he will never intend to make writing videos as he has many followers and he does not want to be a bad influence on anyone.

So, both the brother’s account was suspended because of that video.