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American singer Chris Brown shares the first photo of his newborn baby & Ammika Harris

Aeko, that is Brown’s second kid, is supposed to have been born last month, as the brand new dad has shared a number of mysterious posts since.
Most importantly, it was the photograph Brown published on November 20 that sparked reports of the infant’s birth.
Brown stocks Aeko, which he clarified in a post is perceptible’echo’, together with Ammika Harris.
The singer has a five-year-old daughter from his connection with Nia Guzman.
They are said to have discovered after they’d split Ammika was anticipating.
But it appears as if the news has brought them together.
On December 11, she’d hinted after reposting Brown’s photograph on her Instagram story, they’d reignited their romance.
She captioned it,”Forever will not be enough with you.”

And Everything

Baby Aeko is Harris’ first kid, and Brown shares 5-year-old daughter Royalty with ex Nia Guzman.
“So I have a co-parenting job that is pretty amazing but, you know, Learning how to be a father, especially learning how to care for someone else, you know, I barely know how to brush my teeth in the morning!” Brown stated on.
“It is really fantastic. It’s rather humbling. You know, it’s fairly relaxing. I believe I was a great deal, you know, rambunctious, very hyper as a kid but now seeing that 10 times over, my daughter’s kinda like mellowing out me.”
“I believe with mepersonally, the principal issue is likely patience,” he added. “For me personally, I want things done now–‘Let us get it done, let’s do it!’ You understand From crawling, you understand, from those stages To saying words To walking, you know, learning matters daily is kinda just teaching me patience.”


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