Top 10 Best To Worst American Idol Judges So Far!


Fans always loved Reality Shows and shows like America got talent and American idol are some of the absolute favorites for the viewers to watch. We have already met tons of our favorite pop stars through American idols in the past decades. What makes the show different from others? With the amazing performers and super fun judges, we love what the show brings to us. However, American Idol judges have been significantly changed over the past decades.

The first season of American Idols was first premiered in 2002 and it’s been over two decades since the series have been released officially. The reality show is the popular choice of ABC and it has released tons of famous pop singers that we listen to today.  


American Idol released its latest Season 19 on 14 February 2021 and fans are excited to see what the new season brings on. Season 20 of American Idol is already booked for now and it is also officially confirmed that the production has begun.

Luckily, fans can now get excited to see again what the future of this reality show brings to us. On the other hand, all the other singing lovers can also audition for the show and get themselves on the big screen. 

The best part about the American Idol show is their diversity of Judges. Tons of big celebrities have auditioned and gotten into the judge’s seat. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at all the best and worst judges that the fans have ever met. If you are excited about this countdown then read the article till the end. 

Note:- We have analyzed this list through the Internet and by reading the reaction of the fans. There is no personal opinion of love and hate attached with any judges. 

Harry Coonik Jr (Best)

American Idol judges updates

Harry Connik Jr is yet another singer and famous judge of the Reality show. The star has been receiving positive comments from the fans and so far there is nothing to point out. Harry has been receiving a bunch of feedback over the last seasons. 

Moreover, the fans have even commented that American Idol has Harry being the most loved character. His positive attitude towards the contestant is well appreciated by the show. 

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Katy Perry 

Katy Perry American Idol judges

Katy Perry is already a popular pop artist and is widely known for her amazing songs and performance. The pop singer has a lot of achievements and a huge fan base that would always support her but that doesn’t make her the Ideal judge for the show. 

There is no doubt in her singing skills and the singer has already been releasing some of the popular hits for the country. The American idol brings Katy Perry as one of the judges for the season to make the ratings and interest the graph of viewership. 

However, fans say that the singer was extra too much in the show, with the malicious comments over the contestant talking nonstop, they don’t like it at all. People on Twitter have commented regarding the singer and her unusual behavior in the TV series. It may be cooked up or what, but the viewers do not find it interesting at all.

Recently, people started the controversy regarding Ketty that how she kissed a boy irrespective of his choice and consent. There is already a lot of controversies covered by the pop singer but we will not cover it up.  However, many fans loved her in the show and appreciated her in overall.

Simon Cowell (Best)


Simon has already achieved his popularity as the judge with tons of the reality show. The star has been a famous choice for every reality show whether it’s X-Factor or America Got talent. The sarcastic nature and satire comments have pleased the people and entertain them with every corner. 

It would not be wrong if we consider him as the “Best” Judge of the show and have helped the contestant and the show in every aspect. However, I don’t think that everyone would agree for Simion being the best judge because it’s a matter of choice but we can’t ignore the fact that this person has a huge fanbase for being a star. 

Sometimes fans find it rude that he just speaks directly to the contestant but that’s Simon and this makes him a different person. The favorite thing that his fans adore about him is his audacity to speak and joke around. 

Mariah Carey (Worst)

American Idol judges

American idols have adopted a lot of famous pop singers and Mariah is one of them. There is no denying the fact that she is one of the popular singers and has a lot of fanbases but she actually received a lot of criticism. 

The pop singer has been a big no for many fans and this was just because of some of her rude comments over the show. Not only this but several fans also pointed out that her judging skills were poor and she lacks all the ability that makes a judge of American idol. 

The people of Reddit commented that her judging makes the other judges awkward and some of her remarks are just so wasteful. 

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Nicki Minaj (Best)

American Idol judges

The famous pop singer and rapper who often has a baddie look and strong opinion is actually a fan favorite. One couldn’t believe this but her fans and the viewers loved her judging in American Idol. With many achievements over the past years and recently becoming a mother, fans want the star back in Season 20 too. 

The popular rapper shocked the fans with her amazing performance in the show and she even makes the show more interesting than before. Unlike her songs, she is actually a polite person and has made a positive impact on the fans. Her general interaction with the contestant looks so real and fans commented that many other judges should take a note from her. Overall the viewers have been appreciating the singer for her judgment on the show.

Ellen Degeneras (Worst)

Ellen Degeneras American Idol judges

The popular TV show host Ellen Degeneres has been in a lot of controversies after the famous Makeup artist and influencer, Nikki Tutorial exposed her interview experience with the star. The favoritism and superiority were there in her show and we somewhere all know that. After that incident, another incident broke out that shows the poor working of the staff members and the rude workers who have mentally harassed the people. 

Keeping this aside, Ellen was known for her amazing humor earlier but now fans are already fed up with her nonsense comments, she even goes far by pointing out the insecurities of the people just for the sake of her show and laughing. 

When she entered as the judge of American idol, her rude comments were enough for the fans to hate her. One person commented that “Being a comedian, what does she know about singing? And another replied, “Is she even a comedian?”

People remark her as “Useless” for the show and the “Least experienced” in the judge. It is quite understandable that American Idol, being a singing show, should have appointed the Singers as a judge and not the comedian.

Randy Jackson (Best)

Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson is another famous judge of the American Idol judges category. All the fans have been hoping to see the star in the next reality show. His judgment has been absolutely unbiased and his amazing skills have helped them a lot. Viewers also remembered the old shows by saying that Randy used to be the best judge and the nostalgia feeling makes all of us remembered the old shows. 

Any 90s kid would remember the man and his amazing entertainment skills have developed the show into it. 

Kara DioGuardi (Worst)

American Idol judges Kara

Kara has been one of the most controversial judges of American Idol. to be honest. There were tons of fans of the reality show that didn’t like her. She is also considered the least experienced every character. Even though the singer has been well appreciated in her singing, her experience in the American Idol judges was the worst. 

While many people won’t even take her as one of the judges because she hasn’t left that impact.