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American Horror Story’s Huge Mistake

American horror story has bin the longest-running show earrings on 5th October 2011 on FX network. The creator Ryan Murphyhas always made sure that the history of the show and history of in real life similar to each other.

this is not the case as some partsdo not sit well with it is real life incidents. all this show has done many historical figures in major and minor roles, there have been incidents where the show and the real history do not blend well together.

 The possibility of adaptor characters and settings in the past seasons would not appear problematic. For instance the character of James March who portrayed the serial killer HH Holmes was based of the hotel in Los Angeles.

It is common to have real life adaptation special crime related concepts in a fictional setting. However, some of these episodes stretch too much in terms of unrealistic storylines with respect to real life victims being offended in the process.

 In season 1 this show releases an episode about the murder house and the black dahlia. The problem here is that the location of this Victorian house has been left in the dark.

After many speculations it is difficult to be in Los Angeles. In real life the black dahlia was murdered and left in the suburbs of Los Angeles but in the show it was shown that she was murdered by Dr. Currun who was current owner of the house.

Not only thisin season 2 to the cast poster borders as they showed that Anne Frank has survived the Holocaust experiment when history clearly states that Anne Frank did not make it.

in the episode it is shown that remember the name Charlotte brown arrives to the hospital and claims that she is Anne Frank. where as there is no evidence supporting search a claim in the season.

 Not only this if logical it also shows that the production team is willing to push all the boundaries just make a good show out of it.



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