The Ryan Murphy’s newest teaser photo for the American Horror Story’s tenth season points to their next theme being something to do with the aquatic horror.

Aquatic horror has seen a resurgence this year in horror movies, specifically with William Eubank’s Underwater, which also did serviceably and it satisfied fans of H.P Lovecraft even more further deep-sea monster was also revealed by the director to be none other than Cthulhu. The monster movies have also seen new heights in recent years with films like Godzilla: King of The Monsters and also Kong: Skull Island.

It was an area that the American Horror Story has not tackled in their past nine seasons, and now with their 10 episode approaching. Murphy has already teased the fans that it is going to be a very big one. The show has been renewed through its thirteen seasons, which also means that there will be more of the series on the horizon, but Murphy also seems poised to make a splash with this one in a very literal way.

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After they released the cast announcements the trailer in February through the show runner’s Instagram. The fans began theorizing about the theme which was based on the ocean scene in the background while various actors’ names were flashed across the scene.

The director also released a new teaser image that also continued this creepy, aquatic theme with the caption which said ‘things are beginning to wash up on shore.’ While some of the fans have said that the theme for the tenth season could be the urban legends or creatures such as the Loch Ness monster and Big Foot based on dialogue from the previous 1984 in a rather peculiar scene.

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