American Gods Season 4: Release Date, Story Detail And Renewal

American Gods Season 4

Although Starz has not arranged American Gods’ season 4, there are evidence indicating the fantasy series will be renewed. A dark storm is on the horizon, literally and figuratively, as of the season 3 finale. The only thing more unsure than Shadow Moon’s fate and whether or not war will eventually split between the Old Gods and New Gods is whether the series will visit a fourth and final season.

It’d be an understatement to say that the production of American Gods was a troubled one. The series premiered in 2017 to great acclaim from professional critics and lovers of writer Neil Gaiman alike. Unfortunately, behind-the-scenes conflicts between the showrunners along with the studio over funding and creative leadership led to continual delays and some producers and actors being fired. Much American Gods season, which was perhaps the most secure season up to now, saw controversy as Marilyn Manson was fired by the show in the aftermath of multiple abuse allegations.

The tales from behind the scenes of American Gods were as full of epic drama as the show itself. Regardless of this, the show has struggled forward, turning its story of ex-con Shadow Moon and the way he had been drawn to the world of the celestial, discovering that his father, Mr. Wednesday, was a part of the Norse god Odin. The show went far beyond the boundaries of the novel that inspired it, nevertheless, introducing new characters and fresh challenges for the mortals who discovered their contemporary lives disrupted and forever changed by the existence of the titular American Gods.

American Gods Season 4 Renewal

American Gods Season 4

Though American Gods has not yet been officially renewed for season 4, it appears likely that Starz will continue to produce the series for one more season, Multiple reports have verified that author Neil Gaiman and showrunner Charles”Chic” Eglee was creating plans for season 4’s story in early 2019. It would also be wasteful for Starz to cancel the series now when the end is so close, after it survived so many production problems. Multiple celebrities left American Gods – quitting in protest or being fired; it might be a shame if the show’s entire story was cut short, despite it weathering so much.

American Gods Season 4 Release Date

Since American Gods has not yet been renewed for one more season, there are no official release date for American Gods season 4. The first three seasons were created on a biannual cycle, thanks to the production delays due to every season of American Gods having another showrunner and the COVID-19 pandemic. If the pattern holds, fans should expect to see American Gods season 4 sometime in the first quarter of 2023, even though there’s a possibility it may materialize in late 2022.

American Gods Season 4 Story Detail

As of this American Gods season 3 finale, “Tears of the Wrath-Bearing Tree,” all the story from the novel has played, with only the climax and epilogue remaining. The finale ended at roughly the same point as Chapter Fifteen of this book, together with Shadow Moon having been jumped to the world-tree Yggdrasil to endure the death vigil for Mr. Wednesday, whose corpse disappeared from the bottom of the shrub as a great storm started brewing on the horizon. At precisely the same time, Mr. World started making preparations for a war involving the Old Gods and the New Gods, expecting the Old Gods would want to avenge Wednesday’s murder.

One wrinkle the series included in American Gods season 3 has been that it established Laura Moon as Wednesday’s killer, together with Mr. World organizing for her to stab Wednesday with his spear, Gungnir. This, coupled with an expanded storyline for its goddess Bilquis and her hunt for Shadow’s”additional ” to prevent a coming catastrophe means audiences can expect to see more of Bilquis and Laura in season 4. Fans also can expect to see more of Mr. World, even though which actor plays him (or her) is anybody’s guess. Audiences can also expect Shadow’s newfound desire for godhood to play a major role in the events of this season, although it remains to be seen when he will become his father’s son.


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