American dad Season 17: Everything one should know about; Release date, cast, storyline and review

American dad season 17

Read this article to know about the Release date, cast, storyline and review of American Dad season 17

When did the season 17 of American dad release?

American Dad’s seventeenth season premiered on TBS on April 13, 2020, and ended on December 21, 2020, with 22 mind-blowing episodes which are explained in the following paragraphs.

What American dad season 17 is all about?

In the start, Stan drives his members of the family to Little Colombia to urge Steve’s identity card laminated and on the way Stan proudly tells his the family the story of how, as a reckless rookie CIA agent, Stan was assigned to put down a Drug boss (Roger/alien) who kept on tricking him.

Then he shares that to teach a lesson to criminals; Stan kidnaps Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd), who longs to measure a personal life and things get bad when Roger lives with the Weeknd and Francine remains feeding him breast milk. Meanwhile, Roger becomes a documentary director and Stan gets his neck lengthened.

Stan then goes for an undercover mission to kill a north Korean general and we could compare this with MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 7!! Just kidding guys. When Stan accidentally meets an old flame during a shop, he tries to vary his dull life after wronging him in the past. Meanwhile, Roger prepares for an upcoming war.

American dad season 17

Hayley tries to assist Klaus get his citizenship by changing herself into a fish, but Klaus sends both of them to Mexico, while Stan, Francine, Steve, and Roger attempt to open a troublesome coconut. Jeff, Francine, and Roger then start a murder tour business and when Stan gets injured by a satellite he begins to spend time with Francine while the opposite members of the family discover that Tuttle may be a Korean reality show actor.

Now Stan has game night together with his family, and therefore the other Smiths plan to wreck his streak once they have game night in Deputy Director Bullock’s underground labyrinth. Meanwhile, Roger adopts geese to form pate de foie gras , but finishes up fattening himself up with the feed Accustomed to stuff the birds. Steve, Snot, Barry, and Toshi signs up for a paid scientific study to bring calf implants.

American dad season 17

Meanwhile, Stan gets sad over the CIA’s janitor dying and uses the deceased janitor’s leaf-blower to speak . Steve’s plan to be friends with an overseas student backfires, while Stan and Francine accuse Klaus of being out of control and hire a pet whisperer to manage him. Stan struggles to deal with the untimely death of his father; a straightforward canoeing trip leads to fights and damages Hayley and Jeff’s relationship.

Klaus then announces that he’s planning to marry Shoshanna and invites Stan, Roger and Jeff to his stag party . Worried that Hayley and therefore the remainder of the Smiths are becoming too soft and hooked in to comforts, Stan turns his house into a homestead, complete with farmland.

Meanwhile, Klaus becomes a Scientologist. One among Roger’s personas falls crazy with Dick and can’t handle the breakup, creating havoc together with his other personas. Eventually Steve pushes Stan to seek out about the Smith family’s history, while Hayley and Francine go under cover and put down bad workers at Sub Hubs across the America.

Hayley becomes a businesswoman, and to bring her down Francine gets hired at the same office. Meanwhile, Stan, Steve, Snot, Roger, Jeff, and Klaus plan a celebration . Francine becomes hooked on Roger whispering to her. Meanwhile, Steve gets a pole stuck in his head and mistakes a secret admirer letter he wrote to a woman for one a woman wrote to him.

American dad season 17Francine takes to fly-fishing and Stan doesn’t because he knew that he is not good at it as she is, Stan dams the river and makes living the lake life as a brand new couple’s activity. Steve and Hayley find out who Omar is with height marks on the basement’s door. The Smiths take a visit on an old locomotive to go to Francine’s aunt and that they see it getting hijacked. Meanwhile, Hayley and Roger follow a weird passenger.

In the 300th episode of American dad, The Smiths kick Roger out of the house for ruining their chance to get on Family Feud, and therefore the Golden Turd saga involves its anticipated and long-awaited conclusion and in the last episode (S017-E22) Stan is given a magical opportunity to form his dream Christmas come true after it goes terribly wrong.

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Main Characters with their voice artists of American Dad season 17

  • Seth MacFarlane voices Stan Smith (father/husband) and Roger (alien)
  • Wendy Schaal voices Francine Smith (wife/mother)
  • Scott Grimes voices Steve Smith (Stan and Francine’s son)
  • Patrick Stewart voices Deputy Director Avery Bullock (Stan’s boss)
  • Rachael MacFarlane voices Hayley Smith (Stan and Francine’s daughter)
  • Dee Bradley Baker voices Klaus Heisler (the Smiths’ man-in-a-fish-body pet)
  • Jeff Fischer voices Jeff Fischer-Smith (Hayley’s boyfriend, then husband)

Why do you have to watch American Dad?

American dad features a rating of 7.3 on 10 by IMDb and was awarded as top television series by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. And in my personal opinion, I have seen many series like Love, Death & Robots Season 2, but I can surely say that this is my favorite show ever. And there’s nothing which could beat American Dad. Also, Miracle workers Season 3 on TBS is similarly great, but American Dad will always be a different universe. It’s everything you can imagine. There is always a thrill involved in what could come next and the excellent news is that season 18 has also started airing new episodes and I will share the story of it as soon as it is completely aired, so stay tuned to the website for a brief story explanation, Thank you.