Amazon’s Alexa is coming to low-spec devices like light switches and thermostats


Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant has migrated to a lot of devices these days, as well as eyeglasses, earbuds, and microwave ovens.

Now, the corporate has discovered that it’ll run on devices with as very little as 1MB of memory and an inexpensive Cortex-M processor. Meaning you’ll be able to expect to check Alexa on every comparatively dumb device from lightbulbs to toys.


Up up to now, Alexa needed a minimum of 100MB of RAM Associate in Nursingd an ARM Cortex-A processor. That restricted its suitable devices that served as a central hub for alternative things that are controlled by Alexa.

“We currently offload the overwhelming majority of all of this to the cloud,” AWS IoT VP dagger Didascalou told TechCrunch.

“The sole issue that the device still has to do is wake word detection.” meaning corporations can cut back material prices by the maximum amount as fifty % victimization lower-powered chips from NXP, Qualcomm et al., he added.

Amazon didn’t specify; however, that device may use this. However, it might mean that you’ll get to yell at your light-weight bulb if you happen to be out of voice vary of Associate in Nursing Echo or alternative device.

“Now you don’t get to determine where’s my hub — you simply speak to your surroundings and your environment will act with you,” same Didascalou. “I assume that’s an enormous step towards this close intelligence via Alexa.”