Altered Carbon: Some questions that we want answered in second season

Altered Carbon is a famous television series on streaming platforms. Here are some questions that the fans needs to know the answers:

Are there other alien entities?


One of the most interesting parts of the second season was the revelation of aliens on Harlan’s world. Although almost all the entities were killed by the Founders, the Elder proved powerful and formidable enemy. The Altered Carbon Universe spans over many planets and it is entirely possible that the Elders were not the only original inhabitants of a planet.

Will the third season be longer?

Altered Carbon Season 3 - Cast, Plot, Release Date-06

Although the second season of the famous TV series has been met with favourable reviews, many fans felt that the season was a little rushed and did not spend enough time on further building upon the broader universe of the show.

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This was partially due to the fact that the second season was a lot shorter. It only had eight episodes instead of ten while the episodes were also little shorter. Therefore, the third season could go to a longer format.

Will we see trepp again?

Altered Carbon

The character of Trepp is one of the most beloved character of the second season. Played by Simone as the clever, and capable bounty hunter, she reluctantly became one of Takeshi most important allies while also looking for her missing brother.

Then at the end of the season, after helping save the planet, she is living happily with her family. Yet, as both the Takeshi’s are currently still on Harlan’s World and Quell’s plans are very unclear, it is perhaps possible that fans will see her again.

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Well this is it guys. Let us hope the best for the entire team and wish them luck for their upcoming show. Stay home and stay safe people.

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