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Altered Carbon season 3


Altered Carbon season 3 has yet to be confirmed it has not been officially confirmed yet. But we are hoping or expecting that will Anthony Mackie return as the lead Takeshi Kovacs in the upcoming season?

The cyberpunk noir Altered Carbon has returned to the screen earlier this year itself with all its hard-boiled neon glory. The second season saw that the lead actor Anthony Mackie donning the mantle of the last Envoy Takeshi Kovacs. The Marvel Falcon and also the Black Mirror actor took over the role of Takeshi from Joel Kinnaman in the Netflix series.


Why Would We See Anthony Mackie Return?

The show imagines a future where the technology has advanced to allow humans to essentially become immortal. A person’s mind can also be digitalized and it can be implanted into a new body known as a sleeve, this also means that they can keep living in a fresh form.

The first season introduced audiences to this concept with the House Of Cards star Kinnaman portraying the last Envoy after he was put into the sleeve of the disgraced police officer Elias Ryker.

However, there were also some flashbacks to Kovacs in his original birth sleeve with their part being played by The Good Doctor’s Will Yun Lee.

Following the events first outing, we saw Ryker was returned to his sleeve and Kovacs seemed to go off on some other adventures.

The second season saw Mackie playing the character after Kovacs was resleeved and he was sent on a new mission to also find out who was murdering Meths on the Harlan’s World.

Then Lee reprised his role as albeit as also the version of Kovacs from the past, which had been created to try and find the latest version of himself in a very new sleeve.

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