Altered Carbon Season 3 Takeshi To Be Replaced Again Actor Reveals?


The fans of Altered Carbon saw the second season of the show arrive on Netflix this week, and although the return of Takeshi Kovacs in a new body was exciting for the fans, they were not expecting the return of Takeshi prime, played by Yun Lee. Will has spoken about whether the show could see a third season.

The second season of the show arrived this week in Netflix with Takeshi Kovacs taking the helm of yet another dramatic mystery in the cyberpunk future.

However, as things progress throughout the second season Takeshi is thrown into some difficult situations, thus leaving him to deal with some past issues to continue his journey.

But one of the most surprising facts of season two was the return of the original Takeshi Kovacs played by Yun Lee. The reveal happened quite early on in the new season, as Carrera releases a copy of Kovacs’ stack, in a newly built sleeve in the form of his original look.

While this entire interaction is quite surprising, the fans were not expecting Kovacs clones to clash so much in the ensuing episodes.

However, not everyone can have a happy ending, and things did not work out as perfectly as the characters had hoped for. The original Kovacs was in a situation which neither confirmed or had denied his death leaving the viewers very unsure if he could make a return.

Meanwhile, Takeshi Prime was alive, but trapped on Harlan’s World- the one planet he vowed never to return to. Unfortunately for the fans that Will did not give too much away on what is going to happen next for the neon-drenched series.

Well, let us hope the best for the entire team and wish them luck for their show on Netflix.