Altered Carbon Season 2: Will Takeshi find his lost love?


Altered Carbon takes us to more than 300 years in the future where the society has been transformed by the new technology that has been created, leading to human bodies being interchangeable and death no longer being permanent.

Takeshi Kovacs is the only surviving soldier of a group of interstellar that was defeated.


The first episode of the show got its release on 2nd Feb 2018. The show is truly amazing and you must watch it.

The network is Netflix so you can watch it. Almost 96 percent of the viewers have liked the show so I think that there has to be something interesting in it.

Altered Carbon is a book that was published by Richard Morgan in the year 2002. It is a sci-fi series.

About First Season

The viewers of this series might know that in the first season, Takeshi kills his father because he was abusive to his mother, so he had to kill him somehow.


Then Takeshi was taken down by Colonial Tactical Assault Corps and they gave him a chance to work with them but in return, he asked to protect his family.

Takeshi then worked with them for almost ten years when he finds out that his sister has been sold to Yakuza so he decides to kill every one of them who had worked with him and then Takeshi joins the rebels with his sister and falls in love with Quellcrist.

Later on, even Takeshi was killed and his body was stored. After 250 years, Takeshi was back to life into a cop’s body. He then has to solve the mystery.


Will Takeshi Find His Lost Love?

We might find out whether he meets his love in the second season. Takeshi’s sister plays a critical role in the first season.

She is the main culprit and later on, even she is killed by his brother. Before dying, she says Takeshi that Quellcrist is still alive.