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Altered Carbon Season 2 What we know about Elder and Angelfire

A lot has changed from season 1 to season 2 of Altered Carbon. Anthony McKee plays Takeshi Kovac, now 30 years later and we are on an entirely new planet. This new planet, Harlan’s World, has a story and weirdness that touches the show but doesn’t explore it.

Let’s talk about the Harlan angels in the world and their angel shots.


We will avoid the main spoilers as much as possible, but the last few paragraphs contain the main spoilers for season 2. We will add additional warnings to this paragraph.


About 400 years before Season 2 (yes, 370 years before Season 1), the human colony left the country by ship with a colony of light.

They arrived at a planet that became known as Harlan’s World, named after one of the founders of this planet.

This planet can support human life, but (almost) is surrounded by a hexagonal network of automatic orbits – something between satellites and space stations (difficult to feel the scope of the show) – this planet will destroy everything that approaches. too much. These orbitals are known as angels.

Conrad Harlan, played by Neil McDonough, found a hole in the angel network (at least the discovery was linked to it) where your ship could land.


Angels aren’t the only artifacts found in the world of Harlan. It soon became clear that the planet was previously inhabited by species baptized by elders. We saw Elder Fossils in episode 1 at the mayor’s office.

The elders built angels, but no one knows why.

Other old artifacts have been found all over the world. Archaeologists and AI teams have explored graves throughout the world. Dig 301 that we encountered in season 2 is one of these PI. In both seasons we have seen references to the past that emerged from this excavation.

The study of this unique blend in Elder artifacts has led Crist Falconer to find the source of this pile – a removable hard drive that stores the human mind as a digital human burden (DHF).


Angels in the world of Harlan are still very active. At night we see a ray of blue and white light, which is called a local angel’s shot and jump like lightning among the angels – that’s the angle because of the beehive pattern to arrange the angels.

It’s not clear what the beam is, but it should be a charger or communication.

If something is too close to the height of an angel – like the firing rocket we saw in Episode 4 – the orbit will destroy it with an explosion stronger than the same blue and white energy.

This is probably why the flying car that we saw on Earth in Season 1 disappeared from the world of Harlan.

The angel’s fire must be only seen in the sky. While no one approaches angels on the surface, they are completely harmless and are considered the protectors of the planet.


Angels, Fire Angels, and Elders are important action points in the second season of Altered Carbon. In Episode 6, Quellcrist appears to control the angels and use them to summon angels’ shots against the protective forces that are hunting them.

In episode 7 we learn that it is not Quell who controls the angels, but the oldest who shares his stack.

We see this again in episode 8 when Takeshi used fire angels to kill himself and the older ones – after all, he seems to have been saved by Poe.

That tells us some interesting things. Angel’s orbital network seems to be aimed at the surface of the planet, not the cosmos, which looks more like a defense than cargo space.

However, we also see that the elders can control the angels so they may not be brought there by others.

Which raises the question: what are the elders hoping for on their planet? Remain your fingers during season 3.

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