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Altered Carbon Season 2 Trailer Hints Something Shocking

The season 2 of Altered Carbon is now almost here and we all can’t wait for it. The first season of the series remains one of the best Netflix Originals series out there, and their season two promises to bring even more dept to the dystopian futuristic hellscape of quasi-immortality, wild healthy inequality, and also ultra-violence.

Once again we are following the story of Takeshi Kovacs, who is the last Envoy, a super-soldier turned revolutionary who has spent the last several hundred years, in various ‘sleeves’, scouring the galaxy for his lost love named Quellcrist Falconer.


This search is at the heart of season 2, which also finds that Kovacs is returning to Harlan’s World, where Falconer’s resistance movement was quashed centuries earlier.

This time around, Kovacs is played by the character Anthony Mackie of the Marvel fame instead of Joel Kinnaman. The ‘sleeve’ that Kinnaman’s Kovacs inhabited was then returned to the rightful owner, so Kovacs had to find a new one.

It has been a long time since the events of Season one took place, and Kovacs has been in more than one sleeve then.

The trailer of the second series is out in the social media platforms. The trailer of the second season shows that Mackie’s Kovacs is not the only one we will encounter in the new season.

The ‘original’ Kovacs is back, which will be played by Will Yun Lee, and the trailer of the new season makes it look like he is back in the present timeline rather than his past.

The trailer also shows that Falconer, also in the present timeline, and Altered Carbon’s best and the most loved character, the AI Poe played by Chris Connor.

We have seen that Poe is so much wonderful anyone would happily watch the spin-off show.

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