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Altered Carbon Season 2 Timeline Explained

The new timeline or the previous timeline of Altered Carbon can be very difficult to follow.

The Netflix sci-fi series Altered Carbon takes place around 400 hundred years in the future, but since the protagonist, Takeshi Kovacs has been alive for more than 300 years it is now easy to lose track of the show’s timeline.


To make the matters even more confusing, the season two of the series picks up 30 years after the events of season one finale and then moves the action away from the Earth, to Takeshi’s home planet Harlan’s World.

The season one of the series which was released on Netflix in February 2018, is set in the year 2384. However, Takeshi was born circa 2100.

Sometime before his birth, the very first human colonist on Harlan’s World discovered a unique alloy and also remnants of the alien technology that was used to create cortical stacks.

The flashback to Takeshi’s time with the Quellcrist Falconer as the member of the Envoys takes place in the 2120’s Quell, who is the inventor of Stacks, came to believe that the eternal life hurt the human to a lifespan of around 100 years which also became the basis of her rebellion.

Several years after the devastating battle of Stronghold, Takeshi was killed and his stack was kept on the ice preserved for 250 years.

He has then woken up again in 2384 and was hired to find the killer of Laurens Bancroft. After he completed the mission then he spent the next thirty years searching for Quell.

The exact year is not explicitly stated in the second season of Altered Carbon. But based on the second season taking place 30 years after the end of season one, we all can summarise that the second season is set in the year 2414.

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