Altered Carbon season 2 Somethings we liked about and We Didn’t


We Loved

Actors Anthony Mackie and Will Yun Lee As Takeshi Kovacs

Anthony is the latest sleeve to step in the role of Takeshi, the last surviving member of the Envoy rebellion. The part was played by Joel Kinnaman, who gave the role a stern intensity.

Will Yun Lee portrayed the character of Takeshi in flashbacks of his days in CTAC and the Envoys, but there are no flashbacks to be found here.

The Real Quellcrist Falconer

Takeshi might be the protagonist in the series, but Renee Elise as Quellcrist is the star. 

At the beginning of the second season, Quellcrist has been running around brutally murdering Meths on Harlan’s world with a weapon that destroys their stacks and remotely erases their backups. 

The fans are loving her character.

Removing the Exploitation

The first season of the show largely centered around violence and exploitation, particularly against women. It did make sense given the story, but that did not change the fact that it turned women into victims and commodities. 

It was a powerful scene that recalled similar feelings of helplessness without making it about exploiting women’s bodies.

We Didn’t Love

Danica Harlan

Please note that this is not a dig on the actress at all. The problem is that the season did not seem to care as much about her, or Meths in general, and it showed. 

She kept shifting between megalomaniacal and kinda maybe sympathetic, seemingly at a whim, lacking the complexity that Carerra had.

The Mystery was boring

The season focused on the love stories than the main mystery which ends up being a good thing because the mystery sucked. It did not feel well together and also lacked the complexity of the first season’s mystery.

Well, this is it. let us hope the best for the entire team and wish them luck.