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Altered Carbon Season 2 Showrunner Explained Easter Egg And References

From the very first day, Altered Carbon is the season of headlines. from actors to biggest easter egg everything is cooking something fro the screen. 

This one of the most awaited shows of Netflix is originally based on a science fiction novel of the same name, penned by Richard K. Morgan and released in 2002. 


But the Netflix show has retained the convention of naming episodes after classic 1930s and 40s movies. 

Accordingly, there are few anonymous things about which you should know about. It includes easter eggs, callbacks, and notes — let’s start with those.

POE’S Sticky Notes

Take a trip down memory lane and try to remember A.I. character, Poe. It brings a smile on your face, right. Surely he was one of the best seasons of Altered Carbon. And did you ever paid attention to his sticky notes? 

Winsome!! As Poe’s memory deteriorates, he starts leaving little self-reminders all over the bar and monitor console.

Some of them are consist of to-do tasks, some jobs to be done in the hotel, some for protection and some cute of the cutest like memory joggers about his longtime “guest”. but as the time rolls down, he started more dependent on these sticky notes. 

He fails sometimes but still finds time to be silly (“New handwriting fonts?”, “Are balloons a hoax?”). This is why we love him, right?


In Episode 1 and Episode 4 of the show, we saw Poe reciting the original Poe’s “Evening Star” and “The Fall of the House of Usher” respectively.

It makes it clear that he is modeled on Edgar Allan Poe.

Also, the hotel of Poe in Season 1 was called the Raven. But in the second discharge of the show, we notice a few changes. Now, his new hotel is not a replica of that prior establishment. About it the showrunner Alison Schapker wanna say something.

“It’s off-kilter. It’s as if the Raven collapsed in on itself, so it becomes the Nevermore. It has a different footprint. The bar is in the lobby now.”

REFERENCES are taken from the book

As the show is originally based on the book some of Altered Carbon’s dialogues are also taken straight out of the books. And some of it is altered also. Some of the names used in books are used in show with a different context.

To make things more clear, character names, like Jack Soul Brasil, have now been put in new contexts. In the book, Jack is a rebel and a surfer who argued for living in the real world; But opposite to it, in the show, he’s the leader of the Renouncers. 

Thought leaders like Wycinski now get props for different theories. In the book, Wycinski is connected to hub theory, a complicated concept regarding astronavigation; in the show, to a hypothesis that there were Elder guardians when Trepp’s wife Myka tries to decipher the Elder nursery rune. 

The books also cite Vintage battles, but as we said differently. In it, this was notable as the event in which Quellcrist Falconer disappeared And here in the show— Millsport’s “violent Quellist attack” from 300 years ago gets a mention as a historical footnote. 

Concluding it we can say that, the show has something different than the reference material. For more updates like this, stay tuned with us. 

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