Altered Carbon Season 2 How The Final Sacrifice Sets Up A Future Ahead For Anthony Mackie


In the world of Altered Carbon, dead does not always mean dead, thanks to the technology that allows humans to carry their consciousness from one body to another.

But sometimes dead is very dead, and that appeared to be the case with Takeshi Kovacs by the end of the second season.

The finale sees Takeshi sacrificing his own life to save the woman he has loved for centuries: Quellcrist Falconer, up until this moment the carrier of an ancient entity known as an Elder.

Takeshi takes the Elder on and then destroys it, as well as his own body and stack in the process. The showrunner Alison Schapker tells that it is a very noble exit.

Throughout the season he wants to get Quell back but now he sacrifices the things that he has spent hundreds of years longing for.

Even in death, Takeshi lives on, potentially in two forms. For one, there is the vision the writer’s room calls Kovacs Prime, played by Yun Lee, Takeshi’s original form from the very first season.

In the second season, the original is brought back in a younger, more militant version known as Kovacs Prime, though even he eventually comes to see the world through the eyes of the man who has lived many lives beyond his own experience.

And then there is Takeshi Kovacs viewers have followed across two seasons. Despite the death in the finale, Kovacs’ artificial intelligence ally Poe ends the season building a new stack based on his memories of someone- a someone who is almost certainly Kovacs, reborn again.

If Mackie gets his way, there won’t be a new sleeve for Kovacs — it’ll be him, once again. Well, let us hope the best for the entire team and hope that they come back with a brand new season.