Altered Carbon Is based on this IRL thing with an Evel Twist


Netflix’s Altered Carbon is a show from this world, but IRL has a second season. The Protectorate on Altered carbon is a version of a UN event, but with some terrible distortions.

Officially known as the UN Interstellar Protectorate, the Protectorate is a sovereign interstellar colony.

We, as the heirs of the International Governing Body known as the United States, have become the official government of the Sol, the solar system that dominates the Earth and other planets.

However, for some people, the protectorate is seen as the realm of evil intergalactic.

These include spaceship Altered Carbon and chameleon Takeshi Kovacs, now played by Anthony Mackie after taking over for Joel Kinnaman in the second season, 30 years after the first season.


He is still trying to prevent the protectorate from making eternity accessible only to the wealthy elite known as the Meths, the top 1% of the 1%.

But he also tried to solve the riddle of who killed people on his home planet Harlan’s World.

Although the United States is known as a peacekeeping organization, fans must not feel safe in the hands of protectors.

These included the Praetorians, imperial warriors with weapons to eliminate the defectors – and Takeshi and other envoys who opposed the rebellion would surely come under this roof.

“They are cruel fighters who cannot be killed,” Melissa R. Stubbs, coordinator of the Changed Carbon Cascades, told the envoy’s refinery29. “So, chase our team.”

Altered Carbon 2 season is now spreading.